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Ladies, eight questions you need to ask your gynaecologist

April 7th, 2016 2 min read

Sometimes when you are seeing a doctor, especially your gynaecologist, there are issues you may feel too embarrassed to talk about.

There are questions that need to be asked, questions that you should never shy away from no matter how embarrassing they may appear to you. Here is a look into eight of those questions:

1. What does this bleeding mean? – Vaginal bleeding is considered a woman thing and when it happens irregularly, a lot of women just stick it out. Irregular vaginal bleeding could be an indicator that something else is wrong up there. No, it is not a no brainer. If you feel that it isn’t normal, do not be afraid to ask.

2. Why can’t I get pregnant? – If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a few months, bring it up with your gynaecologist. Do not assume that you missed the conception window. It could be as an indicator of bigger underlying problems.

3. Why do I leak when I cough? – Urine incontinence is a common female problem and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Asking this question will help you take charge of the situation. Sometimes, the solution to it is as easy as doing some exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

4. Do I have to tell my gynaecologist everything? – A lot of women shy away from issues related to their sexual history. The truth is that they really need to hear everything. No, don’t worry, they will not judge you. It is their job to hear everything. That piece of information you are holding onto could be what saves your life.

5. Why does sex hurt? – This is a fairly common female problem but most of the afflicted women shy away from asking it for fear of how they may appear. Painful sex may be a sign of a much bigger problem with your health and you should definitely talk about it with your gynaecologist.

6. Should I douche – Over the past few years, Nairobi women have taken up the douching craze. There are many theories out there on what to do to cleanse your lady parts. Some things are beneficial, others are harmful. Talk to your gynaecologist about it to get the truth.

7. I’m I safe from STDs? – This is something that all women worry about. It is okay to ask your gynaecologist if the form of contraception you are using will keep you safe from sexually transmitted infections. Some of these STIs interfere with a woman’s fertility. It is better to be safe.

8. Why has my libido disappeared? – This might appear like a personal question but if you are having a problem with your sex drive, you should definitely bring it up with your gynaecologist. Sometimes, it is a hormonal effect of the family planning method you are using and if you do not bring it up then it can’t be fixed.