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Ladies, eight reasons why you always end up dating the wrong man

Sometimes you get into a relationship with the perfect man and then you both grow different ways and change. Other times though, the man you choose is wrong for you from the very beginning.

Why does this happen? Here is a look into 8 possible reasons for this predicament.

1. You are not paying attention to your dreams – Your choice of man just isn’t about him and the things he has, it is also about you. If you do not think about your dreams when choosing a man, then you will choose one who doesn’t share your dreams. The wrong man.

2. You hate being single – The one thing you need to start doing is learn to enjoy the times that you are single. If you don’t, then any relationship will seem better to you than being single. This is bad. Very bad.

3. You aren’t used to happiness – Do you think of marriage as a source of happiness? Yes? You have a problem. Marriage shouldn’t be looked at as a source of happiness but as something that fits into your already happy life.

4. You ignore your instincts – You know that feeling in your stomach that you feel and then you just know something is wrong? That should never be ignored. When a man is wrong for you, your gut instinct will know. Do not ignore it.

5. You do not have relationship deal breakers – There are woman who just go through life thinking that when they see Mr. Right, they will know right away. This is the perfect formulae for ending up with the wrong man. Think of your deal breakers and list them down. Start having standards.

6. You are only going by chemistry – Now, chemistry is a great thing to have in a romantic relationship. It however is only a small part of it. If it is the only thing that you look for, then you will end up with the wrong man over and over.

7. You only pay attention to how he treats you – What you should be paying attention to in a new catch is how he treats others, not just how he treats you.

8. You are not in touch with your inner self – A lot of our life choices are guided by our inner beings. If you lose touch with your inner self then you are likely to make life choices that are wrong for you. You are likely to pick the wrong man.