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Ladies, this is how Mr Good Enough looks like

Every woman dreams of a happily-ever-after with Mr. Right. She knows exactly what Mr. Right looks like. She has quite a list of qualities that he should have. Any man that doesn’t meet these qualities isn’t given a second thought.

Eventually, we end up having 35-year-old single women lamenting about how there aren’t any good men left. What they do not know is that Mr. Right doesn’t exist.

For a Chance at happiness, settle for Mr. Good enough. This is what he looks like:

1. He loves kids – By loving kids, I am not referring to the man who has a whole bunch of kids he has sired running around. A man who loves kids is the one who gets along really well with your nephew. The man that children love. While there may be no guarantees about the kind of husband he becomes, if you marry this man, he will make a great father.

2. You are attracted to him – One might imagine that wanting a handsome man is vain. Truth is that you need to marry someone that you are attracted to. No matter how good a man he is, if he doesn’t make you catch your breath every once in a while, you will find someone who does and you will stray.

3. He’s emotionally stable – There is something very endearing about a man who can let you see him cry. There is however something very wrong about a man who can’t hold back his tears. Is your love interest able to remain calm in explosive situations? Can he handle his anger? Can he express his feelings for you? Yes? Wife that man.

4. He can handle his drink – If they were asked, most women would like a man who comes home to them, after work every night. Men however, must be men. He needs some time away from you to be with other men. While doing so however, he needs to be able to handle his drinking.

5. He is not a slob – Gone are the days when the caveman look was considered attractive. Does that man who you are eyeing go an extra mile to look presentable?

I am not talking about the metrosexual man who spends more time at the salon that you. I am speaking about the man who showers regularly, has a nice haircut and wears decent, well fitting clothes.

If he does these things, then he is good enough. Do not fret that he doesn’t wear a Rolex or those expensive Italian suits.

6. He is grounded – please note that grounded does not mean boring. You do not want to spend the rest of your life alongside a boring man. Also, you do not want a man who is not yet over the clubbing scene. If he seems to have a sober head on his shoulders, he is good enough for marriage.