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Larry Madowo expresses anger towards erratic Elon Musk’s Twitter moves

The credibility of Twitter’s verification system has been questioned by CNN’s journalist Larry Madowo, who refuses to pay the $8 (Sh1,073)  fee to re-verify his account.

Madowo explains that the current system, influenced by CEO Elon Musk, allows malicious individuals to exploit the verification process, potentially turning Twitter into an “imposters paradise.”

Madowo reveals that he has encountered at least 30 other individuals claiming to be him on the platform.

“Even if I paid to get re-verified, it does not mean that I am who I say I am because anybody else can also pay $8 (Sh 1,073) for Twitter Blue and get verified,” he said.

The situation, Madowo believes, compromises the credibility of journalists and other authoritative voices on the platform.

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According to Madowo, the chaos stems from Elon Musk’s influence.

“This chaotic design, this delegitimization of the media, this devaluation of journalists’ voices on the platform is a feature, not a bug. It’s deliberate,” he said.

Madowo also criticized Musk’s statement to “let the people decide what the truth is,” arguing that it fundamentally misunderstands the nature of facts.

Madowo has contacted Twitter to respond to their efforts to tackle impersonation and fraud. However, he claims to have received only a poop emoji as a reply, reflecting Musk’s dismissive attitude towards media inquiries.

When Musk initially announced the verification plan in November, he claimed that the price would vary by country to account for differing income levels.

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However, this has not been implemented, leading to further criticisms of Musk’s inconsistency regarding policy changes on Twitter.

Madowo warns that this system could have real-world consequences, citing the ongoing conflict in Sudan as an example.

“Social media is a big tool if malicious actors take advantage of that to mislead people or incite people to violence,” he said.

With fake accounts already emerging in Sudan, Madowo fears the current verification chaos may lead to dire consequences.

The journalist is now considering whether to remain on Twitter under these circumstances. He believes that the platform’s status as a global public square is being devalued by Musk’s actions over the past six months.

As more people become aware of the verification issue, Madowo predicts that alternative platforms may soon emerge to fill the void left by Twitter.

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