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Lira to get take the stage on Africa Day after suffering a stroke

By Peter Dube March 26th, 2024 2 min read

Afro-Soul music fans can rejoice! Lira, the beloved multi-award-winning songstress, is set to make a grand return to the stage on a momentous occasion: Africa Day, celebrated on May 25.

The news comes after a courageous two-year battle for Lira to regain her voice following a stroke she suffered in 2022. The stroke left her temporarily unable to speak, read, and write.

The South African muso’s powerful voice and captivating performances have captivated audiences for years, making her a true icon. Africa Day will be a significant platform for her comeback, marking a celebration of African culture, unity, and Lira’s triumph.

In a recent heart-to-heart with fans, South African songstress Lira, whose real name is Lerato Molapo, offered a glimpse into her remarkable recovery journey, echoing the strength conveyed in her 2014 hit single, “Something Inside So Strong.”

Lira has expressed her deep gratitude for being alive and regaining her ability to talk and sing as she’s now gearing up for a triumphant return performance at the upcoming Bassline Fest on the 25th of May in Johannesburg.

“Today marks two years since the stroke, and I’m so grateful to be alive and talking and singing,” said Lira on her official Instagram account.

The year 2022 took a dramatic turn for Lira. In April, while in South Africa for a performance, her management announced that the singer had suffered a stroke. With good wishes pouring in for Lira at the time, her team emphasised the need for patience, acknowledging that performing would be on hold for the foreseeable future.

But Lira, a fighter at heart, wasn’t about to be silenced. Just a few months later, in June, she defied expectations by sharing a positive update: she was regaining her ability to speak, read, and write.

Over a year later, in July 2023, a significant milestone arrived. Still carrying the echoes of her battle, Lira sat down for her first public interview with friend and neighbour Relebogile Mabotja on her Radio 702 show.

However, Lira’s recovery wasn’t without its hurdles. Six months after the stroke, she was diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder caused by brain damage. It can impact speaking, reading, and understanding.

Despite the setback, Lira persevered. Celebrating her progress and a newfound appreciation for life, the 45-year-old said, “I’ve come such a long way. God is so good!!! I’ve had an incredible journey and learnt a lot. I’m almost there. Thank you to everyone who has shown me support; thank you for your love and prayers.”

Adding to the joy of her recovery journey, Lira recently received a special award. The honour, presented by the Indian Consulate General on International Women’s Day, recognises women who excel in their chosen fields.

Lira, whose music career spans 20 years, has performed worldwide and won many awards. She has won 11 South African Music Awards (SAFA).

She was nominated for BET—Best International Act in Africa—2012 and won Songwriter of the Year at the Wawela Music Awards in 2013, among other accolades.