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Lisa Christofferson excited to lead Talanta Hela all-ladies team at Safari Rally

Lisa Christofferson, the driving force behind the Talanta Hela all-ladies team, is gearing up for an exhilarating journey as she prepares to lead her team in this year’s WRC Safari Rally which officially revs off tomorrow.

With car number 110, a Subaru n10 under her command, Christofferson is poised to make history at this prestigious event.

Speaking from the Service Park of the WRC Safari Rally Kenya in Naivasha Lisa Christofferson, reflected on the genesis of the initiative, saying,

“It was actually right here in 2021 when I was invited to come and watch the WRC Safari Rally by then Sports CS Amina Mohammed. And I thought, as I was watching all the cars going by, where are all the women?” Inspired by this observation, Christofferson vowed to start Kenya’s first all-women’s safari rally, aptly named the Lionesses.

With determination and passion, Christofferson brought together a diverse team of women to form the Lionesses Team comprising eight female drivers and eight female navigators, breaking gender biases not only in Kenya but also across the continent.

“This has never happened before,” Christofferson remarks proudly. “And we’re here today, which is very exciting, driving under Talanta Hela with four lady drivers and four lady navigators who were all driving in my Lioness rally in 2022.”

Beyond the thrill of competition, Christofferson sees the rally as an opportunity to empower young women to take charge of their lives. “We’re here to empower young women to take charge of their lives by steering in the direction that you wanna go,” she asserts. “And how better to do it in a male-dominant sport.”

Christofferson’s journey is a testament to resilience and perseverance. Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2006 and given only 10 days to live, she defied the odds with her indomitable spirit. “I told the doctors, I am busy, I have places to go, people to see, children to raise, rallies to drive,” she recalls. “And here I am today, fitter and stronger than ever.”

In addition to her racing endeavors, Christofferson is committed to giving back to the community, especially to children battling cancer. “I want to give back and bestow these blessings upon young children who are surviving, who’ve got cancer, and who need some support,” she emphasizes.

As the WRC Safari Rally Kenya unfolds, Christofferson and her team invite everyone to witness this historic moment. “Look out for us, Talanta Hela ladies,” she declares proudly. “We’re flying the Kenyan flag very proudly and very grateful to Waziri Ababu Namwamba for supporting and believing in us, women.”

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