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Locals reject school fees aid from atheists

By Florah Koech January 17th, 2020 2 min read

Residents of Mogotio Sub-County in Baringo County who had formed a Whatsapp group to mobilise school fees for a needy pupil have ejected Atheists Kenya President Harrison Mumia from the group and promised to refund his contribution.

The fundraiser was meant to assist Idriss Saidi Lutta, who was a pupil at Emining Primary School in the same constituency.

Idriss was set to join Maranda High School after scoring 401 out of a possible 500 marks in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

Though the needy pupil was able to go to school through the aid, they claimed that the Atheist in Kenya Society who raised more than Sh38, 000 to help the needy pupil had ill intentions after their President Harrison Mumia was added onto the group without their knowledge.

According to Noah Chepkech, one of the member of the Whatsapp group and also a parliamentary aspirant in the region said that atheists formed a parallel fundraiser, sent the money to Maranda School and some to a teacher without their knowledge.


“We formed a Whatsapp group with the sole purpose of assisting this bright, needy pupil who had not reported to school due to lack of fees. We managed to raise more than Sh52, 000 which we sent to the family.We were later surprised to learn through the media an organisation, atheists had also assisted the boy,” said Mr Chepkech.

“Funny enough, we later came to know that Mumia, a president to the organisation had been in the whatsapp group and we had not been informed earlier who he was. He was also not contributing to any of our conversation only to go and form a parallel contribution for the pupil. If he was of good intentions why did he not contribute in the group we were together yet he was a member?” He posed.

Mr Chepkech said that they ejected Mumia from the group after the revelation and the more than 100 members have unanimously agreed to contribute and raise the amount that was contributed by the atheists and refund to them immediately. He claimed that may be the Atheists group want to later recruit the teenager in to their organization.

“We’re not ready to hand over our son to the devil. That organisation had ill intentions because their President was in our group yet he was not contributing to any conversation only to learn through the media that the same guy had assisted the needy pupil through his organization,” for our son” said Mr Chepkech.

Amkich Karanja, another member of the group raised concerns of the implications if the teenager comes to learn that it was atheists, people who do not believe in the existence of God, who had funded his education.

“We also don’t know the intentions of the organisation. May be they want to brainwash or recruit him into their beliefs and this may have a big impact on his religious beliefs. We fear these people had a vested interests,” said Mr Karanja.