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Lose that baby weight or risk heart failure, study warns

A study has warned new mothers to either lose weight or risk getting diabetes and heart conditions.

According to the new research, mothers who fail to lose their baby weight within a year of giving birth are likely to have high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Study leader Doctor Ravi Retnakaran, an endocrinologist and Associate Professor at Toronto University, said the study will help in advising women on health after delivery.

“With the results from the study, we can ascertain that baby weight if not checked can cause blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin,” said Doctor Ravi.

The study was conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada where pregnant patients were observed before and after birth.

Three-quarters of the mothers who lost weight after a year were found to have healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

New mothers who gained weight in that year showed a clear increase in risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.