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Luo Elders threaten to curse youth who participate in Azimio protests

Luo elders have threatened to curse youths who will defy their calls for peace by engaging in weekly protests called by Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga.

The elders said they have issued several warnings for youths in the community not to protest but their pleas have not been obeyed.

They resolved to curse whoever will not listen to them this time.

Despite calls from different groups for Mr Odinga to suspend demonstrations, he vowed that he will go to the streets this Tuesday.

Elders are worried that his calls could lead to several injuries and deaths.

The Council of Elders have joined hands in condemning leaders who tell their supporters to join them in weekly protests

Luo Council of Elders chairman Nyandiko Ongadi threatened to mobilize his colleagues to curse youths who will not heed their calls of being peaceful.

“Elders are known to be people who advocate for peace. We have already sensed danger and asked youths not to protest,” he said.

The senior citizen added that ‘whoever will not heed to this call will face the wrath of God’

Speaking in Kendu Bay, Mr Nyandiko appealed to parents from the community to tell their children to desist from unlawful activities.

He defended President William Ruto as being rightfully elected and any attempts to kick him out of office may not bear fruits.

“Kenya risks plunging into anarchy if the opposition continues with its plans for demonstrations,” Mr Nyandiko said.

His deputy Thomas Achando appealed to his community members to work with the government if they want issues affecting them to be solved.

“Let’s take advantage of the rains to be productive and food secure instead of going to the streets,” he said.

Mr Okinyi Rao and Mr Ariko Adoyo accused Mr Odinga of serving his personal interest.

Both gave the history of how the opposition leader has lost in past elections but chooses to hold protests before being absorbed by the government.

The elders faulted Mr Odinga for telling his supporters to go to the streets to protest the high cost of living.

The senior citizens said holding weekly demonstrations will not help Kenyans at the moment, instead it will lead to bloodshed when police engage civilians in running battles.

They proposed to Mr Odinga to let the team that was assigned the duty of leading bipartisan talks complete its work before giving the country their findings.

Their counterparts from Suba community said they will use a different means to seek help from the government.

They also condemned any acts of violence against the government saying it will add no economic value to them, but instead make them more poor.

Led by Abasuba Council of Elders Vice Chairman Peter Ouma, the senior citizens said one of the ways of addressing problems that Kenyans are going through is by supporting the government.

“We are against street protests called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga. Suba region should not engage in any form of demonstration against the government because we believe there are better ways of solving our problems,” he said.

The elders spoke during a meeting at the council’s office in Sindo Town.

Mr Ouma called on youths and women from the community to emulate their approach to solve their problems.

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