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Oburu Odinga: Nothing to smile about on Labour Day

Siaya Senator Oburu Oginga says Kenyans are an unhappy lot as they prepare to celebrate Labour Day.

Mr Oburu, who is the elder brother of Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Mr Raila Odinga stressed that President William Ruto’s government has overtaxed Kenyans to the point there is nothing to be happy about.

“I would want to say happy Labour Day, but honestly there is nothing to be happy about in Kenya at the moment,” Mr Oburu said.

The Senator also blamed the Kenya Kwanza administration for failing to lower the cost of living, and explained the opposition will keep up the anti-government protests until their demands are met.

“Let us come out in large numbers and join Raila Odinga in fighting for better working conditions and the burden on taxpayers lessened. This government is greedy and has avenues of overtaxing Kenyans. We must say no to this kind of oppression.”

Azimio is expected to hold its demonstrations starting May 2, 2023, following the collapsed bipartisan negotiation with the government.

Mr Odinga insisted on April 30, 2023, he will ignore police warnings and lead the protests.

He stressed that the Constitution allows peaceful demonstrations.

“We shall not agree to be cowed into silence when so many things are going wrong in the country,” Mr Odinga said.

According to Nairobi Regional Police Commander Adamson Bungei, the Azimio request was dismissed following previous demonstrations which he said were marred with violence.

“We are declining to allow the Azimio team the go-ahead to proceed with the demonstrations and any such demonstration will be dispensed by law enforcement officers,” Mr Bungei said in a statement.

As Azimio plans to stage their demonstration, the government on the other hand has assured residents and business people in Nairobi and other parts that their businesses will be protected.

The President said that he will not give in to the pressure from the Azimio seeking to have their way into the government through threats and demonstrations.

The President insisted that his side will sit down with the opposition through Parliament to agree on the way forward that will benefit Kenyans and not about positions of leaders.

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