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M-Pesa outage amid ‘Super App’ launch

Safaricom on Wednesday launched the M-Pesa ‘Super App’ which is aimed at enhancing customers’ experiencing every time they use the service.

The app will provide customers with a simple, fun, secure, and convenient digital solution.

At the virtual launch, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said the company is introducing a mini-App functionality, which means businesses will have apps where they can renew licences, manage and pay their bills, interact with suppliers, and much more.

But it didn’t go all according to plan, as the estimated 30 million subscribers of the leading telecommunications firm were instead hit by an outage of the services.

Those who tried to use the service complained of disruptions that have hindered payment transactions on Safaricom’s mobile money transfer platform.

The outage meant that users could not access major services with Safaricom confirming there was an outage and that they were working on it.

“We are currently experiencing an M-pesa outage and we are working to restore services as soon as possible,” the automatic message stated.

Aside from the message prompt to users attempting to use the service, Safaricom, which powers M-Pesa, is yet to issue an official communication on the disruption.