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Magix Enga makes a ‘bald’ move and shaves his signature dreadlocks

Kenyan music producer Magix Enga has shaved off his signature dreadlocks. The award-winning producer showed off the cut dreadlocks as well as his bald new look in a video he posted on Instagram.

“Kichwa safi kama balloon,” he said amidst congratulatory messages from other artistes who are bald.

However, Magix Enga is yet to reveal why he made the ‘bald’ move.

The producer, who is behind many songs in the Kenyan music industry, joins other celebrities who shed their signature locks for various reasons.

In April, Thee Pluto, a digital content creator, shocked his fans when he revealed that he had shaved his dreadlocks.

“Several factors rebranding (informed my decision), craving for change and most importantly it was a Sh1 million dare from a friend,” Thee Pluto, born Robert Ndegwa Kamau, said upon enquiry.

Sean Andrew, the late President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, also set social media ablaze when he shared a video on his social media accounts having cut off his dreadlocks.

Sean would later explain that his decision was informed by the notion many people have about dreadlocks that don’t augur well with him. Sean also said that he is much more than his hair and that he no longer wants people to identify him by his hair.