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Makau Mutua roasted on Twitter for reiterating he doesn’t recognise Uhuru as president

Lawyer Makau Mutua has elicited rebuttals on Twitter for reiterating that he still does not recognize President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

In a tweet, Mutua cited his 2013 declaration that he did not recognize the president then added that even now he does not recognize President Kenyatta.

His 2013 declaration came back to haunt him during his interview for the Chief Justice position.

Makau was tasked by attorney general Githu Muigai to explain the tweet but he answered that is appointed Chief Justice, he would have no problem working with President Kenyatta.

His latest tweet that is similar to his stance back in 2013 elicited various reactions online with many users rubbishing him.

Samuel Wairimu asked him, “If I woke up and decided not to recognize your law doctorate, will it change anything?”

Lee Ngigi wondered, “How does that affect our lives?”

Barongo Haron replied, “Really? And what was the impact of you not recognizing Uhuru as president and how different will it be this time? What I remember is your statement to some degree affected your bid for CJ.”

Francosnch wrote, “No problem go recognize Museveni coz Uhuru remain the president till 2022.”

Arap Chebuyo added, “I don’t think Uhuru needs your recognition.”

Mbaabu Mwenda asked, “Why did you apply for a job as chief justice if you had no faith with the system? Any way you can be CJ in the USA who cares?”

Lesootia Joel‏ wrote, “LEGALITY is not LEGITIMACY, I join the REAL Prof to boycott & the mystical sham regime.”