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Making work easier with technology

After 15 years in Turkey, Stanley Kirimi did not return empty-handed. He jetted back into the country loaded with new ideas and technologies to back them.

Partnering with Patrick Kimathi, 28, who serves as Euromart business development manager, Mr Kirimi founded his firm in 2009 to supply various machines ranging from installation of milk plants, supermarket shelves and coolers, elevators, packaging machines amongst others.

However, it was not until 2012 when Euromart started a campaign to educate the masses on technologies that would cut labour and cost in agriculture and construction sectors.

The sectors are crucial arms in growing the economy. 


For instance, the diesel-powered tiller and plough is multipurpose and capable of ploughing one acre in less than two hours, while consuming only two litres of diesel.

That is why Euromart is encouraging farmers to buy such machines and reap all the benefits.

With a capacity of 50kph, the tractor can also be customised to shell produce such as wheat or maize, or to spray and irrigate the farm.

If one wants to adapt complimentary accessories of a spraying kit and a shelling one, that will cost Sh30,000, Mr Kimathi said during the interview at Euromart’s office on Murang’a Road.

“The motorised tiller and plough can also be used to pump water to the farm from a river or a tank,” he added.

The technology makes farming easier and brings convenience as the tractor can navigate any terrain. Depending on the number of hose pipes, the plough and tiller cost between Sh300,000 and Sh600,000.

The company is encouraging poorer people to pool resources to buy such machinery as it can be shared between a number of farmers.

In the construction industry, the interlocking blocks machine is another product the company is encouraging the locals to adopt. With sand, cement and soil the machine makes interlocking bricks. 

This is good news especially since the cost of building materials has risen significantly over the last two years.

For instance, in January, the government imposed new levy on cement producers further pushing cement prices up by Sh20.

The increase is the latest imposition on potential home owners on top of the existing high cost of construction.

However, an interlocking machine can be used to reduce the price of a construction project by 40 per cent. This is because the alternative materials — the interlocking bricks — are used solely in house construction and requires no additional material in bridging the bricks. 

It costs Sh10 to produce a brick but the market price for a single block is between Sh40 and Sh45.

The mobile machine can make up to 3,000 bricks a day and costs Sh3.5 million. Although Euromart has a payment plan for buyers, the company is encouraging people to form chamas to buy the machine. 

Low cost housing

“Besides we impart skills of operating the machines to potential buyers on request,” he added.

The machine is slowly gaining popularity mostly with real estate developers building low-cost housing and perimetre walls. The company hopes to sell 1,000 machines in East Africa by the end of next year.