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Mama Orange appeals for funds to save her family

Popular Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) supporter Mama Orange, real name Roselyne Akinyi, has reached out for help after her two sons were hospitalized at Mbagathi Hospital.

Mama Orange, a common figure donning oranges at ODM rallies, has been forced to take care of her two ailing sons who were diagnosed with meningitis.

Both her sons were drivers in the Eastleigh number 4 route.

One son was discharged from hospital last month after an ODM party official cleared his Sh26,660 hospital bill. The young man is however unable to fend for himself.

“I usually leave him in the house at Eastleigh every morning after making him porridge then walk to Mbagathi Hospital to visit and take care of his elder brother who is still admitted in Ward two, bed number four,” Mama Orange told Nairobi News.

“The younger one was admitted first on February 26 with Tuberculosis an Menengitis. His elder brother started having large pimple-like swelling and later lost his sight before he was admitted on March 8 and diagnosed with Menengitis as well,” Mama Orange explained.

The mother is now appealing to the public for funds to purchase food, medication and cater for her daily transport to Mbagathi Hospital.

“The party (ODM) managed to clear my first bill. I went to Capitol Hill (Raila Odinga’s office) and explained my situation and I was sent to Orange House where the director gave me the Sh26,660 to clear the bill.

“All I need now is daily expenses money for example I have to look for Sh500 everyday to purchase some medication that is administered via IV to the one who is still admitted in hospital,” Mama Orange said.

According to one Gladys Mburu, who visited Mama Orange’s son after her appeal was made on Facebook group Buyer Beware, the elder son has lost both his hearing and sight but doctors say with treatment all can be recovered.

“Mama Orange literally broke down in tears and thanks everyone who is coming through for her through her time of need. She also requested for your prayers because this hasn’t been easy on her,” wrote Gladys.

Well wishers can reach Mama Orange on 0721-838237.