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CHEATERS: Mama Rachel and her Casanova hubby don’t deserve to be loved

Women in Kenya, more so on social media have found themselves a new hero, Mama Rachel.

A post by the woman’s alleged husband claimed that he had been unfaithful to her and that she used to be very upset by it, initially. Soon after, the woman, who used to go through his phone had stopped, started taking better care of herself and even refurbished their house.

He even sad that at the one point he found her going through his phone and had obviously seen him chatting with his mistress, she did not react, she just said, “Sina ubaya”.

The hapless husband went on to narrate how, after all this, his wife went ahead and had a traditional wedding with another man, right under his nose!

The duped husband, it turned out, wanted help getting his two children back as he wanted nothing to do with their mother.

All this, he claimed was done so secretively that he suspected nothing. Her phone never had a pass code and was left in the open and there were never any late night chat session to raise his suspicions.


The responses to the saga were hilarious. Mama Rachel is a revolutionary. Women are ready to pick up her tabs in bars; a slot is reserved on the presidential ballot papers for her name come 2022; she is now the mascot for “What men can do, women can do better”.

Oppressed wives will be singing her odes in decades to come, if the responses on Facebook are anything to go by.

Another post by the alleged ‘second husband’ made the rounds, saying that Mama Rachel had not disclosed the fact that she was married and still living with her husband at the time of the traditional wedding.

In fact, he said that she out rightly lied that she was a divorcee and living with her parents, hence why he was never invited to her house. He said that he would not let the relationship continue considering that it was based on a lie.

First of all, if this whole thing is true, (and it might as well be as truth is stranger than fiction) then that is just one toxic relationship and the couple actually just deserve each other.


For the man to be so proud of his “conquered territories” and to announce about his infidelity online is just low. Cheating is easy, staying committed is what should earn you applause. The fact that one should continually hurt their spouse deliberately and not taking into account their feelings is just malice at its highest level. At least the wife made an effort to keep the man in the dark.

This couple are a bad example to their children. We do not realise how much our day to day actions affect and influence our offspring, which is very dangerous. Children are sponges, they absorb everything. And they are great mimics, one day they will behave exactly the way you do.

So a bad precedent has been set for the children. This is the reason why families and the institution of marriage are a joke in this day. If we do not take it seriously, will our children?

These people should just stay single, in my opinion. They do not deserve to have someone love them because they will play with their feeling and end up breaking their heart.

If it was possible, I would ban them from entering into a relationship with anybody else until the kids are grown and then they won’t be affected too much by who mum and dad are dating and playing.