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Man accused of killing wife over chicken

Police have arrested a man who is accused of killing his wife in a dispute over a chicken meal for Christmas.

The man, from Masungulukuti Village in Kambiri Location, Kakamega County, is reported to have attacked his wife on Boxing Day.

Witnesses said the couple quarrelled after the man returned home from a drinking spree with friends.


Mr Shikunzi Isaiah, a chief, said the man inherited the woman after her husband died a year ago but the couple always quarrelled.

“Their life has been marred by disputes and tension, especially when the man comes home drunk,” Mr Shikunzi said.

Shocked villagers found the woman’s body, which had injuries seemingly caused by a blunt object.

Residents almost lynched the man but police saved him.

The mob accused him of loving luxury yet he is lazy.

Police are looking for two people who were with him but disappeared on learning of the death.

The suspect will be arraigned on Monday for murder charges.