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Savage caught on camera mercilessly flogging small boy arrested – VIDEO

A man captured on tape viciously flogging a small child in school in the presence of a teacher and other pupils has been arrested by the authorities.

The undated video, which has since gone viral, shows the man whipping a boy of about five years.

It turns the man is the child’s father and he was meting out brutal punishment to the boy for failing to attend school as instructed.

The incident took place in Uganda and the police are reported to have arrested the man identified as Daniel Kibuye.

The boy, Jeremiah Makubuya, is said to be in Middle class in the school in Kampala.

According to the police, they found the young boy wondering alone in a local market and took him to school.

Kibuye was later summoned to Kira Road Police Station and will be taken to court and charged with child abuse.