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Man Photoshops self in London in copycat stunt

A day after Seve Gats – the girl who edited herself into photos of tourist attraction sites in China – arrived in Beijing, another Kenyan has posted a Photoshop picture of himself outside the United Kingdom Parliament.

Gathungu wa Gathoni shared an edited photo of him squatting on a London bridge with the UK parliament on the background on his Facebook page.

The copycat stunt has been widely rebuked as ‘an effort to attract a sponsor’ for a trip to London.

Seve Gats, real name Seveline Kinya, became an instant internet sensation after she shared dozens of poorly edited photos claiming to have left the country for China.

Nailab founder Sam Gichuru came to Gats’ rescue and raised enough money for her to go on holiday in China.

She is presently in China to visit the tourist sites she had edited herself into.