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Mapema ndio best! Kakamega Woman Rep Elsie Muhanda announces 2027 gubernatorial bid

By Winnie Mabel September 20th, 2023 2 min read

Having only clocked a year in office since the 2022 General Election, Kakamega Woman Representative Elsie Muhanda now says she is ready to replace the current Governor, Fernandes Barasa in 2027.

Speaking at a public event earlier this week, Honorable Muhanda called out Governor Barasa for failing to work for the people of Kakamega despite acknowledging – in front of President William Ruto- that the County had already received Sh 17 billion from the national government.

“The Governor’s office has money. He confirmed to all of us that the money is already here. Work for the people. We are telling Senator Boni Khalwale to take charge of his oversight duties instead of constantly claiming that (former Kakamega governor Wycliffe) Oparanya and I stole money. Please oversight the county, that is your work, do it.

Some of you say Oparanya and I were with Barasa (during the campaigns), we do not deny it but when he was sworn in to office, he drew a curtain (and refused to listen to us). Now, even when you tell me to go to him and speak about roads, where will I find him? He is not taking care of us. Mteja hapatikani. Let him do his job. If I was given those billions, how far do you think I would go?

Mapema ndio best. This same journey is beginning in Kisumu County. Because Barasa is unable to carry out his duties and I see Governor Gladys Wanga is working in Homa Bay, then I am also ready to work,” said Woman Rep Muhanda.

She also promised to continue serving the interests of Kakamega County people diligently. Other leaders who were present as she spoke were Wycliffe Oparanya, Senator Boni Khalwale, and several Members of County Assembly.

Her announcement came days after she was scored as among the performing parliamentarians after one year in office after being re-elected. She went on to list her achievements in office as follows:

“My commitment and zealous to serve the electorates remains my priority. Below are some of my programmes: Gave young mothers a second chance in school. (Tumaini programme), donation of wheelchairs to the disabled, Market umbrellas for Jua kali traders, tents for groups, catering utensils for groups, NITA Training (Vocational Training) and funding bright & needy students (Eagle to fly programme),” began Honorable Muhanda.
Her other achievements she listed included installation of high masts in the market centers across the county, street lighting in markets, drilling boreholes in schools, markets and hospitals; group financing, social welfare, improvement of the church structures, shelter improvement programme, building houses for the less fortunate, constructing Boda boda shades, initiating Kacoma Sacco, Huduma Mashinani programme and water tanks programme.
Additionally, she also listed the construction of domitories, training of boda riders, fertilizer programme – which provides maize seeds & fertilizer to vulnerable families, installation of power transformers in villages and tabling Motions in Parliament like the school feeding program as her one year achievements.

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