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The late coach Benjamin Ayimba’s baby mama, actress Gloria Moraa, ready for new lover

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa, also the baby mama of the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba, announced she is ready for a new lover.

While celebrating her birthday, she said she is ready “kutoka soko” as she cheekily told her followers to hide all their male relatives.

“39 it is. God has been really faithful to me. I have written and deleted so much because I have a lot to say about this girl. Let me just say my God and my closest humans got me, yaani sina (I don’t have a) choice. I will call myself a woman of steel and at the same time the most vulnerable flower in the garden.

Allow me to re-introduce myself at 39 solid years. Gloria Moraa aka Nyaboke aka Gaidi Mkuu. Thanks to my mum and dad for making the right choice by leaving guests playing kinanda (dancing to music) to go and ginene (do something) during Christmas. God, my maker, my fortress, my solid to go to, Please give me longevity to see my great-grandkids, peace, joy, love, and abundance that surpass all human understanding.

And please, hide all your male relatives because sasa nimeamua soko ni kama ntatoka sasa (I have decided to leave the streets)…Ayam ready,” said Ms Moraa on September 20, 2023.

Ms Moraa and the late renowned rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba shared two children. The two had a good relationship until relations turned frosty and they could no longer be together or co-parent in peace. She later dragged him to court and accused him of failing to take care of their two children as well as infidelity which forced her to walk out of their relationship after cohabiting for seven years.

The drama came to a head when coach Ayimba died in May 2021 and his family would reportedly not allow neither her nor their children to attend the funeral. However, the family later consented to the children to attend their father’s burial. However, this would not be the end of the matter. Ms Moraa would engage in online showdowns with her late baby daddy’s family for attacking her and her children.

“I never engage in social media wars, never but there is someone out to cause me drama very much. My people, what do I do with this person?… This is a person who called my children street urchins and she used to call her brother useless and stupid. Now she’s coming here to behave nye nye nye… What do I do to this person surely?” said Moraa at the time.

“I was just chilling, just chilling. Let the drama unfold now. My people in the art fraternity know how this woman made my life a living hell for 7 years and I used to remain silent. I have been silent for long. Why can’t people look for husbands to take care of their needs so that they can stop being angry and bitter? No one should dare tell me I be the bigger person here. Let me get into the mud now,” said Ms Moraa in March 2023.

Allegedly, one of the late Ayimba’s sister accused Ms Moraa of haunting Benjamin to death and it was time she let the deceased rest. It would appear she is now ready to put all this drama behind her as she desires to leave the ‘streets’ for a new romantic relationship.

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