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‘Mchele’ chronicles: Kenyan men narrate ordeals of being drugged

Kenyan men have narrated horrible experiences of how they have been drugged in some night clubs.

It all started when one man recounted on Twitter how he was once drugged by some woman who left him unconscious.

The man said he also lost his phone and an undisclosed amount of cash during that incident.

His post opened a floodgate of posts by other men who also narrated how the fell victim to women make a living from drugging and robbing their victims using what is popular known as ‘mchele,’ a drug which is medically known as Stilnox.

Others claimed that some unscrupulous bar tenders and waitresses collude with the culprits to drug and rob their patrons.

Drugging incidents are common in Kenya with extreme cases involving sexual assault.

The spiking substances range from cocktail of alcohol drinks, date rape drugs, illegal drugs and prescription drugs such as stimulants, opiates, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Here are a simple of what some spiking victims shared on Twitter: