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Meet Collins, Moi’s controversial grandson

By Wangu Kanuri January 18th, 2022 2 min read

Collins Toritich, former president Daniel Moi’s grandson, is hogging the media headlines. Again.

This past week, a Nairobi court allowed him to join his grandfather’s succession case to claim damages caused by his alleged exclusion from Moi’s estate.

Among other, Toroitich claims several of his grandfather’s assets have been left out of the succession agenda. He is also fighting for wealth he says his deceased dad Jonathan father left while claiming that there were attempts to disinherit and defraud him.

This is even after the larger family had agreed that Jonathan’s widow Sylvia and son Clint would be made administrators of the estate.

However, these are not the only controversies that had followed Toroitich’s public life. Here are some few.

1. Charged with phone theft – A couple of years back, he was charged in a Nakuru court with stealing two mobile phones belonging to his daughter and her friend. He denied the charges, claiming he’d confiscated the gadgets as a parent. An out of court settlement was later arrived at.

2. Failed to pay child support – His baby mama, namely Gladys Jeruto dragged him to court to compel him provide for the couple’s two children. Only for him to tell the court that he was a broke man even as Jeruto maintained he lives a lavish lifestyle.

3. Tactics to delay child support– Jeruto would moved to court, again, accusing him of applying ‘delaying’ tactics in paying the Sh 1 million monthly child support. He denied, claiming he needed a DNA test to confirm whether he was the biological father of the kids.

4. Skip DNA test – Only for him to fail to attend the DNA test on the agreed date as provided for by the court.

5. Succession battle – And now, he claims his grandfather was worth over Sh300 billion and some assets were being concealed from court. Additionally, he claims that Moi’s lawyer Zehrabanu Janmohammed was concealing his grandfather’s several assets spanning at least three countries.