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Miguna steers clear of deputy governor role in TV interview – VIDEO

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna on Wednesday declined to comment on whether he is willing to take up the offer to become Nairobi Deputy Governor.

The fiery lawyer was interviewed from his Canada base by Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange via Skype. The interview was aired Wednesday night on JKL.

Miguna has been deported twice over a row with the Immigration Department on his citizenship status.

Governor Mike Sonko shocked friends and foe after nominating Miguna as his deputy governor, a decision yet to be approved by Ward Representatives.

In the interview, Miguna repeatedly refused to comment on the nomination and instead said he was willing to discuss what he termed ‘violation of his rights’ by the Kenyan government.

“Jeff, I’m not here to talk about (my lawyer) Cliff Ombeta or Governor Sonko, I am here to talk about how my rights have been violated by the regime in Nairobi, how they have disobeyed the court orders…” Miguna started off in the Skype interview.

Undeterred, Koinange again revisited the subject during this 21- minute interview, but again Miguna turned away the bait.

Jeff Koinange: If you are to come back, would you, could you think about working with Sonko?

Miguna: Jeff I will come back and I will make announcement as to who I work with and who I don’t work with when I am back.

Jeff Koinange: I know that but everyone wants to know Miguna because your name has come up.

Miguna: I don’t want to know because it is not a question that Sonko has asked me, it is not a question that Kenyans have asked me.

Jeff Koinange: Miguna, I asked you a very simple question and I don’t know why you are beating about the bush, would you work with Sonko?

Miguna: I will not answer that question, Sonko is a Kenyan, Miguna is a Kenyan, it depends on what you mean by working.