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Miguna to pay last respect to fallen ‘freedom fighters’ on his return to Kenya

Exiled Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has outlined the activities he will do upon arrival back in the country on October 20, 2022.

Miguna, who was first deported in February 2018, said that he will first pay his last respect to his comrades whom he refers to as freedom fighters.

He said he will pay his tribute to Onyango Oloo, Chris Musando, his sister-in-law and father-in-law.

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“Soon after arriving in Kenya on October 20, 2022, I will unveil a schedule which will include paying my last respects to my comrade Onyango Oloo, Chris Msando, my sister-in-law, father-in-law and all those fearless freedom fighters,” Miguna tweeted.

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Towards the end of last month, Dr Miguna announced that he had finally been given a new Kenyan passport. He said he had stayed for over 1687 days without the important document which was confiscated from him by Government officials in 2018.

“President Dr William Ruto has had a new passport delivered to me. Waiting for the lifting of red alerts,” he tweeted then.

During the campaign period, President William Ruto promised to ensure Dr Miguna returns to the country immediately after he assumes office.

Dr Miguna actually tried to jet into the country ahead of President Ruto’s swearing-in but he never managed to do so.

Later on, he said that he had a conversation with the Head of State who assured him that he would ensure the red alerts are lifted.

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Dr Miguna was to return to the country in November 2021 but he was barred by the red alerts.

Previously, the fiery lawyers had moved to court seeking to have the alerts removed but his case was invalidated.

Dr Miguna had earlier demanded to be facilitated to return to the country to attend President Ruto’s inauguration ceremony.

He was deported after he took part in a mock swearing-in of Mr Odinga who pronounced himself as the People’s President.

The mock swearing-in ceremony took place at Uhuru Park following a disputed presidential election in which the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) still lost.