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Milly Wa Jesus narrates her struggles with weight loss

Content creator Milly WaJesus has bravely shared her ongoing struggle with weight loss.

During an episode in their reality show ‘Oh Sister,’ the mother of two revealed how her excessive weight caused severe health issues, almost leading to the loss of her eyesight.

Milly disclosed that she was diagnosed with Intracranial hypertension (IH), a condition characterized by increased pressure around the brain.

The pressure was so intense that it affected her eyes, jeopardizing her eyesight. Even now, she continues to face vision problems in her left eye.

“The pressure was building up all the way to my head, pushing my eyes out. I was losing my eyesight. And even now, I struggle with my left eye,” Milly explained.

Furthermore, Milly expressed her concerns about her weight, stating:

“The specialist told me I needed to lose weight. At that time, I was 84 kilograms, and I almost lost my sight.

What about now, when I weigh 96 kilograms? I’ve tried numerous methods, but nothing seems to work.”

In her pursuit of effective weight loss, Milly made the decision to undergo a gastric balloon procedure, which typically takes four months to achieve desired results.

This procedure involves inserting a saline-filled silicone balloon into the stomach, restricting the amount one can eat and inducing a feeling of fullness faster.

The reality show, Maisha Magic, documented Milly’s doctor’s appointment and showcased the support she received from both her mother and her husband.

However, Milly’s mother expressed caution and disagreement regarding the gastric balloon weight loss procedure.

In a video shared on the couple’s YouTube channel, Milly informed her mother about her plans to undergo the procedure in Turkey.

Milly’s mother, in opposition to the idea, expressed her belief that Milly looked perfectly fine as she was.

“Please, don’t swallow that thing. Don’t undergo plastic surgery. Aren’t you fine as you are? I hear Kabi saying you look great.

Let me ask you, you have a husband, why are you searching for wide hips? Women should feel confident in the eyes of the opposite gender,” Milly’s mother shared her concerns.

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