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Mimi Mars: Me? Second wife? Never ever!

Tanzanian artiste Mimi Mars has cited her religious beliefs as the reason why she is against the idea of being a second wife to any man.

Mimi, who is a sister to celebrated artiste, Vanessa Mdee, stated her position on marriage during a recent interview on East Africa Radio.

“My religion does not allow me to be a second wife. I would never want to change my religion just because I am married to someone,” she said.

Delving deeper on the subject of relationships, Mimi pointed out the importance of personality when it comes to choosing a partner.

“I go for a person’s personality,” she said, adding that neither fame nor social status equate to good character.

About her deal breakers in a relationship, Mimi unequivocally cited abuse and disrespect.

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“I am not the type of person to let a man beat me. If you throw a jab, be sure I will throw one back. I cannot go down without a fight,” she said.

A few years back, Tanzanian singer Omari Mwanga alias Marioo, who happens to be Mimi’s ex-boyfriend, said he had given fellow artiste Diamond Platnumz the green light to date Mimi.

His comments came after it emerged that Mimi had gone for a swim at Diamond’s house days after the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) founder publicly professed his love to her.

In an interview with Ijumaa Newspaper, Marioo said he respects Diamond so much so that he could give up his woman for him.

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“About Mimi Mars, I am very okay and actually I have no issue with Diamond. We are at peace because he is my elder brother. Because I respect him, he can take any woman he wants even the ones I am dating. I can never hate him because he deserves the best and all I can say is that I will always thank him,” he said.

Marioo’s declaration came after he shocked his fans by posting a picture of a noose on his Instagram account, sparking fears that he had become suicidal following rumours of Mimi’s alleged affair with Diamond.

But the singer later explained that he had only been promoting an upcoming song.

“People have been asking me about my relationship… I cannot hang myself as people think. I was only trying to prepare fans for the release of my song,” he said.

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Mimi also said he relationship with Diamond was strictly professional.

“Our relationship is purely work-related. We have an upcoming project and that’s all. I have someone in my life already. I thank God because he is extremely understanding and even when I went over at Diamond’s place he knew about it,” she said.

However, even with Marioo’s ‘blessings’, Mimi said she would not date the Bongo Flava A-lister, saying Diamond’s previous relationships have reinforced bad perceptions about him.

“I don’t think my relationship with Diamond can be more than work because you can imagine how people talked just because of the pool video, imagine if we are seen hanging out together in public. People don’t understand that someone like Diamond can have a normal relationship with a lady because of his nature or past (or) maybe because of what we know about him,” she said.