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Minne Kariuki narrates how she dumped an ex-lover over wrong car gift

Kenyan actress Minne Kariuki, known for her role in ‘Single Kiasi,’ has in a recent revelation shared a personal story that turned heads and raised eyebrows alike.

During a candid sit-down on Pulse Kenya’s Story Time show, Minne opened up about a pivotal moment in her romantic life that led to an unexpected realization.

The story unfolds with Minne recounting how a potential suitor made a fateful misstep in his choice of gift, inadvertently sealing his fate with her.

“It was the moment I realized I didn’t like him,” Minne confessed, as she recalled the day she received a Toyota Vitz instead of her coveted Mercedes. The mismatched gift served as an eye-opener for Minne, indicating a glaring disconnect between her expectations and her suitor’s understanding.

But Minne’s tale isn’t just about material desires; it’s a reflection of her standards and aspirations, both on and off-screen.

Her character Mariah in ‘Single Kiasi’ mirrors her own penchant for the high life, depicting a modern-day influencer whose lifestyle is sponsored by affluent older men. Through Mariah, Minne explores the complexities of social media and the pressure to maintain a curated facade.

However, in real life, Minne’s love story paints a different picture. Happily married to Charles Muigai, better known as Lugz Kenya, Minne found her perfect match outside the glitz and glam of her on-screen persona.

Their journey, which began in 2012, culminated in a traditional wedding ceremony in December 2021, marking the start of a blissful union and parenthood.

Despite her success in acting, Minne’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. From her roles in ‘Tabasamu’ to ‘The Real Housewives of Nairobi,’ she continues to captivate audiences with her versatility.

Beyond the screen, Minne has ventured into the construction business, showcasing her resilience and business acumen in the face of challenges.