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More employees of Pumwani Maternity Hospital test positive for Covid-19

A total of 41 staff members at Pumwani Maternity Hospital have tested positive for Covid-19. Out of this number 19 are healthcare workers and 22 are support staff.

The total number of healthcare workers who have tested positive for Covid-19 currently stands at 429.


Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth, while on an official visit to the hospital on Tuesday said that a total of 290 staff members were tested.

Dr Amoth said the Ministry of Health is working to stop further transmission of the disease to healthcare workers and to people who come to seek medical services.

“Going forward there is a remaining batch of about 100 staff members to be tested. Out of the 290 who have been tested 41 turned positive,” Dr Amoth said.

“All these 41 have been on home-based isolation, two actually have been discharged from home-based care and the remaining 39 are doing well. Nobody has gone to hospital for care,” Dr Amoth explained.

“We are hopeful that they will be able to pull through without developing any symptoms of Covid-19. Majority of the cases are asymptomatic,” he added.


On Monday the chairman of the Kenya Union of Nurses (KUN) revealed that 15 nurses at Pumwani Maternity Hospital had tested positive for Covid-19.

He however, could not confirm the cumulative number of healthcare workers who might have contracted the disease.

Last week, a medic who has been on the forefront in fighting the pandemic at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) died after testing positive.

Dr Doreen Adisa Lugaliki was buried on Monday in a ceremony that was attended by only 15 people.