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Why motorists will have to wait longer for Luthuli Avenue’s reopening

Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi was supposed to be reopened to motorists and other road users more than a week ago, but the newly reconstructed road is still not operational.

The reconstruction works, which when complete will make the road safer, was almost complete when the engineers noticed they had ‘forgotten’ to factor in the drainage system.

On Sunday, an excavator was seen digging sections of the newly-finished road to channel out stagnant rain water.

No vehicles were being allowed to use the road as two tractors blocking both ends of the road, which has been closed for almost a month now.


According to City Hall, the road has been envisaged as a legacy project for the ongoing First session of the UN-Habitat .

Nairobi County has partnered with World Bank to convert the road into a one-way street.

Sidewalks on both sides are being expanded to allow for more flow and ease of pedestrian movement.

The project arose from a feasibility study and was recommended by the United Nations two years ago.

Luthuli Avenue was identified as one of the most congested streets in the city centre, where matatus are parked haphazardly leading to heavy human and vehicle traffic.