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MP stunned after Kenya Power demands Sh104k for ‘average home’

An MP has revealed his shock at the erratic bills sent to him by Kenya Power even after the company visited his premises and apparently readjusted the meter.

Following the expose in Nation on how corruption in procurement, retention of expensive thermal power companies and heavy taxes keep power bills high, Mbooni MP Erastus Nzioka labelled his alleged power consumption a joke.

“The above consumption is irrational, does not portray any pattern, is unusual, shocking and unacceptable for a modest house consumption. In my house, electricity usage is mainly in the evenings,” protested Mr Nzioka in a letter to Kenya power on May 8.


In the letter, Mr Nzioka questions the conclusions of a Zera test conducted on his meter that his billing between January and April was ‘correct and payable.’

His statement shows that from an average billing of Sh3,000 in January and February last year, he consumed power worth Sh104,481 in the months of March and April.

His estimated billing for the next four months were minimal before a charge of Sh11,393 came in September.

From October 2017 to April this year the bills then increased to between Sh17,000 and Sh21,000 per month, except in March when it was Sh1,875.

After his complaint his consumption was reduced by 1,758 units worth Sh58,883.

His account was showing Sh166,943 was due to Kenya Power at the end of April.

“I stay in a moderate house with one family and have never gotten such high bills before. In a normal house where consumption is routine and with basic items like iron box, fringe, bulbs, TV and Radio the monthly consumption should be the same with minor differences,” he explained.

While seeking clarification on the bill he is requesting “a possible waiver” of the bill.

Below is the letter.

KPLC Fault bill - Hon

KPLC Fault bill 2 - Hon

KPLC Fault bill 3 - Hon