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Muggings in CBD: Nairobians share their horrific experiences

By HILARY KIMUYU September 26th, 2018 2 min read

The city centre has turned into a hot spot of muggings and the cases are skyrocketing by the day.

Pedestrians are being mugged by brazen street gangs despite a promise months ago by Governor Mike Sonko to set up an anti-mugging crack unit.

The muggers are not shy and will attack their victims in broad daylight.

Nairobians have taken to social media to share their horrific experiences under the hands of their tormentors. Videos and images of pedestrians being attacked in the city centre have now gone viral.

Suspected muggers arrested in the city centre by City Askaris. PHOTO | FILE
Suspected muggers arrested in the city centre by City Askaris. PHOTO | FILE

Ken Nzuki describes how a friend’s phone was snatched in CBD while he was on a call,

“Nairobi’s CBD is a movie. A friend’s phone was snatched while she was on a call. The ‘snatcher’ didn’t run but instead demanded for 3k so he could return it.. So my friend negotiated the ‘ransom’ down to 1k. Imagine bargaining to have YOUR phone returned!”

“The snatcher of my phone calmly walked away before [he] slipped under the bridge at Museum Hill. There were 3 traffic policemen who came looked over the bridge (he could still be seen) and said, ‘Madam, hiyo ni ya kureport…” lamented Everlyn Mang’au.

Clear Quartz narrated how despite her cries for help no came to her rescue; “Mine was snatched and the saddest part was shouting ‘thief’ and the guys who were around just watched and after dialing it he asked to have sex with me so that he can give back my phone.”

Another victim who only goes by the name Ben said he tried to negotiate but all he got was a few items; “Me I tried by paying them 500 Kshs for my phone, they threw SIM card, ID and ATM and vanished even with the wallet. Moi Avenue achieves hapo. Tao ni ngori.”

“My friend and I got robbed hapo Moi Avenue Safaricom Shop. They had all the time to even demand we show them our Mpesa balances, after kuibiwa tukaambiwa tukimbie na tusiangalie nyuma,” narrated Mike Congo.