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Muhoozi’s ‘blogger’ Frank Mwesigye claps back at European Union’s ‘LGBTQ agenda’

By Winnie Mabel February 13th, 2024 2 min read

The war of words between Mwesigye Frank, a blogging ally of President Yoweri Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, and the European Union in Uganda seems unending.

The two parties are currently engaged in a war of words on social media stemming from a confidential letter alleged to be originating from the EU in Uganda to a German based Ugandan writer and activist, Kakwenza Rukitabashaija.

This letter first went public on Mr Mwesigye’s X account in which he claimed the EU in Uganda had a confidential deal with Mr Kakwenza to advance the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer plus agenda in Uganda using his social media pages in line with his German asylum agreement.

The EU in Uganda allegedly told the writer to keep their agreement confidential “for respect of country’s sovereignty and mutual respect between European Union and Uganda”. It must be noted that homosexuality was recently outlawed in Uganda with those found being members of this community and participating in homosexual acts facing harsh consequences including imprisonment.

Yesterday, the EU in Uganda responded to Mr Mwesigye, branding the alleged confidential letter as fake news. The Union went ahead to republish a red-marked version of the alleged letter and gave it an F- grade, telling Mr Mwesigye he can “do better than this.” The Union also pointed out all the punctuation and grammatical errors in the letter, the fallacies of EU staff, the addresses and the formatting of the letter which apparently looks nothing like what they send out.

In response to the shredding by the EU in Uganda, Mr Mwesigye issued a rejoinder on February 13, 2024, telling the Union that he found their “motives are far from noble to our country (Uganda).”

“Dear EU in Uganda, I totally agree with Brexit. We all understand that EU is world’s number one human rights violators. I find it incredibly hypocritical that you’re purporting to lecture me on language use, given your failure to provide PDs to your staff who published the letter. Your motives are far from noble to our country.

By collaborating with an individual known for engaging in divisive and detrimental behaviors and who is currently in exile, you’re merely advancing your agenda at the expense of the marginalized communities you claim to support. Your actions reveal your true priorities; you’re more concerned with preserving your power and influence than effecting genuine positive change in our country.

It’s high time for you to acknowledge your actions and start embodying the values of transparency, accountability, and integrity you so often espouse but consistently fail to uphold. What you call disinformation is actually suppression of freedom of speach (sp). I’m not surprised to hear such statement from the so called the “HEADBOYS” of failed democracy, I’m committed to keep exposing these pigs and their negative propaganda against our national interests. Actually i need an interview with Tucker Carlson to expose these criminals & their puppets in Uganda,” said Mr Mwesigye in his clap back to the EU in Uganda.

According to the Daily Monitor, Mwesigye and Kakwenza have been trading barbs and trolling each other on social media for a while. Their differences stem from opposing political views including Museveni’s presidency and Muhoozi’s political future. Muhoozi has presidential aspirations as well.

Mwesigye regularly posts messages supporting Muhoozi’s presidential candidature on his X handle.

He is also known to hit out at all Muhoozi’s detractors at times in a not so diplomatic manner.

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