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Mulamwah replaces one of his 10 bodabodas which was stolen  

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah, real name David Oyando, has purchased a new motorcycle days after he announced that one of his 10 motorbikes which had been stolen.

On a post on his Instagram page, the funnyman said the theft of the motorbike was a setback to his bodaboda business but noted that his hustle must continue.

“We lost one, we replace it with a brand-new one, new baby no 10 ready for the road. The hustle must continue irregardless. God is always on our side na Pole pole Tu tutafika,” he tweeted.

Mulamwah went on to add that the search for the stolen motorbike is ongoing.

Further, he urged bodaboda operators to be a symbol of hard work and not violence and hooliganism that has become synonymous with the riders on Kenyan roads.

“The hunt for the lost bike still continues though (KMFD 423Q ) , thanks for all your support towards retrieving it, dm if you got any info ntashukuru sana . To my Boda Boda guys across the country let’s all be a symbol of hard work not violence and hooliganism. Let’s change the notion KONKI ?,” added Mulamwah.

Mulamwah, who is a qualified clinical officer, operates the bodaboda business in Kitale where he has employed a number of youthful riders.

On January 12, he reported that one of his motorbikes had been stolen from one of his riders after he parked it to purchase something at a market.

He shared the information on Twitter and tagged the DCI and the National Police Service.

“One of my bikes has been reported missing KMFD 423Q, last seen today at Kitale stadium area around 10:30am, rider says he was buying some items and found it missing at the spot he left it, RT and share WIDELY, any information given will be highly appreciated. @DCI_Kenya @NPSC_KE,” he posted.