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Mummie Francie’s message to make-up users

TikTok star Mummie Francie has cheekily urged users of skin-enlightening products, popularly referred to as mkorogo to cram their identity card numbers.

In a video that she posted on her TikTok, the content creator narrated how she was almost arrested for being mistaken to be Congolese.

Having started her mkorogo business back in 2019, Mummie who has been vocal about advocating for it, warned ladies using it to be very vigilant in the streets.

“I woke up, prepared, and started doing my makeup before the delivery guy called me saying they had arrived. However, the roads leading to my place were confusing him so I had to get out of the house to meet him. Mind you, I have not worn my wig and you know someone’s face when they are doing makeup and have not finished how the face looks dusty dusty,” she started off.

Then continued, “When I was at the gate and on a call with him, I started explaining where I was in a very loud voice. We were having a heated discussion with the delivery guy when the police came to where I was.”

According to her narration, the police had mistaken her for a Congolese national and demanded for her ID card. Efforts of convincing them that she lived in the adjacent apartment fell on deaf ears.

“What’s your ID number? I said the numbers that came to my mind and then asked him do you want my KRA pin, passport or birth certificate?” she shot back with the police letting her go.


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Mummie who doubles up as a radio presenter has in the past claimed that she was the pioneer of selling items on TikTok.

Through her mkorogo business, Mummie revealed that her sole purpose of getting to the app was to make some more money before fame located her.

Now proud that her business has enabled her to pay school fees for her siblings, pay hospital bills for her ailing dad and even build him a house, Mummie said that the business also helped her have other businesses on the side.

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