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Murugi Munyi shares co-parenting journey with baby daddy

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 13th, 2023 2 min read

Content creator Murugi Munyi has spoken about her first baby daddy.

Munyi welcomed her first child, Ethan, while still in college, and after six years, she and her child’s father decided to part ways when she pursued further studies.

In a YouTube interview with Lynn Ngugi, Munyi, now a mother of three, revealed that she and her baby daddy have established a Parental Responsibility Agreement to guide their co-parenting journey.

Co-parenting initially came naturally for Munyi, especially because there was no other person involved in the picture.

Ethan’s father would regularly provide financial support, and on some weekends, Ethan would spend quality time with his dad.

However, when Munyi entered a new relationship with Zack, they both realized the importance of setting clear boundaries.

Munyi explained:

“When I met Zack, it was important to create boundaries. We (Baby Daddy and Munyi) signed a parental responsibility agreement. It protects the rights of the child and yours as well. It outlines who is the primary caretaker, who covers specific expenses, and the financial contributions. This agreement has worked perfectly for the last six years and ensures that neither party can show up unannounced.”

Munyi also shared that her baby daddy has moved on and is currently in a happy relationship with someone else.

She admitted that there was a period of resentment for about a year and a half, largely due to her son’s strong resemblance to his father.

However, both Munyi and her baby daddy have since found new partners and expanded their families.

Reflecting on her experience, Munyi offered advice to others in similar situations, saying:

“I think sometimes when one person moves on and the other doesn’t, resentment might come in. My advice would be, give it time. Take your time to mourn the loss.”

She emphasized that creating a nurturing and supportive environment for her son has been her priority.

Notably, Ethan has developed a close bond with Munyi’s husband, Zack, and affectionately calls him “Dad.”

“Initially, my son would call my hubby by his name, but at some point, he just started calling him Dad, and it has been so since then. He tells people he has two dads.”

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