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Murugi Munyi: I left a well paying job to save my marriage

Murugi Munyi says having a man offers some sense of financial security in her world.

The famed content creator recalls quitting her job with a famed company because she worked in the same department as her husband.

She says as a couple, she decided to quit the job as her husband’s position offered more money.
Taking the decision Murugi says she felt secure walking away from her job because of her man’s job but also she believed in her abilities to find a new job.

She would later join RedHouse agency where she reportedly earned Sh200,000 each month.

“It was fantastic because I was earning Sh200,000 and I have a man (financially stable), it was really good. Speaking within the context of marriage I feel having a man offers a s certain level of financial security he is not my dad who is financially responsible for me and he needs to give me money and take care of me. But (with a husband) it’s like I could afford to quit a job and I know while I am finding another, I am not going to sleep on the streets. You know a good support system,” Murugi argues.

She further maintains that she is a firm believer in splitting bills with her husband as opposed to the general perception that men are left to foot most of the bills even when their spouses are equally earning.

“In our current context I earn well he earns well so we have a pretty even split of bills. My husband takes care of what we call the big things, that’s the house rent, pays the children’s school fees he pays the insurance or we split. For me, I pay our nannies, and house bills. For things like holiday we will split costs right down in the middle,” she adds.

Adding further on her hustle before quitting fully to do content creation, Murigi joined a renowned betting firm after a year and a half at Redhouse to head the Communications department.

She reportedly took home Sh350,000 from that gig.

“The perks were really good. We would get double our salary every third month. Then I moved to My Dawa after a year. The problem is at all these jobs I am not saving, just spending and having a good time I guess having a husband had me more reckless with my finances because he was taking care of most of the bills. Looking back, I wish I knew much about money,”

It was at My Dawa that her content creation bug kicked after realising she was gaining followers on social media by posting her motherhood journey. In 2018 she quit to focus fully on content creation.

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