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Delphina Wambui Ngigi: 6 quick facts about the former political aspirant who died in Canadian cold

A memorial service was held over the weekend on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at the Dominion Church International in Toronto, Canada, for the late Delphina Wambui Ngigi, a Kenyan woman who died due to exposure to extreme cold outside a shelter in Canada where she had gone to seek refuge.

According to prior reports, she died while waiting outside a shelter as management worked to prepare space for her to board with them but this took them several hours to complete; and by the time they got to her to allow her into the lobby of the shelter, she had already passed on just outside.

The late Delphina had relocated to Canada in February 2024 on a refugee status after losing her job and father. A widow, she left behind four children as she travelled to seek greener pastures to provide for them.

Nairobi News now looks at some quick facts about the late Delphina Ngigi, a woman described as multitalented, outgoing and a friend to many people of diverse age groups.

  1. She was born in September 1978 at War Memorial Hospital in Nakuru municipality. She was the first born child among five siblings.
  2. She was married to the late Peter Misoi and was the mother to Kelvin, Ian, Sammy and James.
  3. She trained as a teacher, a path her mother had taken before her, but worked in various industries including at a law firm, taught in several schools and had a passion for agribusiness which saw her become appointed a liaison for agricultural exporters.
  4. She was baptized twice during her lifetime, and the second time around, she was given the name Christine.
  5. She was an advocate for children and single parents.
  6. She contested for the Member of County Assembly position in Njoro Ward but lost to Mr Ezekiah Kungu Kariuki ‘Hezy’.

According to family who read her eulogy, the late Delphina travelled to Ontario on February 14, 2024, and arrived safely on 15th. She called her family to let them know she had arrived safely and that she was following through with the required processes. On 16th, she went to Pearson to follow up on the required processes. On 18th, Delphina’s mother called her at night and she also got to speak to her lastborn child for a while until he went to sleep.

“After that, Dephina would then become unconscious and the people with her called 911. She was rushed by paramedics to hospital in Ontario. The doctor tried to resuscitate her, and they kept on trying to do so for a while. Unfortunately, she passed on 16:36 Eastern Time,” said one of her relatives at the memorial.

According to the deceased’s sister, Ms Faith Wairimu, her body has already been repatriated to Kenya following financial support from family and friends. The burial date is set to be revealed in the coming days.

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