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Gachagua heaps praise on Ivy Chelimo who coined “Riggy G” phrase

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua donated Sh1 million to Murang’a University students for a bash on March 20, a move that marked the climax of his drama-filled presence in the county.

It was a day Mr Gachagua delivered an eloquent, thought-out, and comic relief public lecture that saw him introduce the girl who coined his stage name, Riggy G.

In a deliberate scheme, the Deputy President slotted space in his lecture to introduce Ivy Chelimo who coined the Riggy G moniker.

“There is a young girl full of creativity…the girl who found my name hard and giving much hard time to pronounce,” he started.

He added that the name Rigathi Gachagua had become hard to roll out of many tongues until Chelimo came about.

He said Chelimo decided she liked him, loved the way he spoke, and especially his acumen to say it as it was.

“She came up with something easier and nice to identify me with…she is a girl full of creativity and she is somewhere here…Please come over here,” Gachagua said.

Upon applause, Ms Chelimo boldly marched to the podium where the second in command announced that he had since recruited her into his communications department.

He said Ms Chelimo nowadays helps him in his office “feeling and looking youthful”.

Mr Gachagua looked around and noticed some boys craning their necks to have a good glimpse of the package of creativity and bantered them on her contacts.

“You boys over there want her contacts? Ok, write, her number is 0722 7784..” he trailed off as the hall raptured into hearty applause.

He introduced her as a law graduate from the Catholic University of East Africa.

On October 2, 2023, Mr Gachagua revealed how he had tasked his only two sons to track Chelimo to be awarded the job.

“The young lady who decided that my name is a little bit difficult and not melodious, and thought to give me the name Riggy G, I said it’s a good name. To encourage our young people, I took up the name with good stride. I have told my sons to look for that girl to come we have dinner,” Gachagua had then said.

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