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Museveni: I am a veteran graduate of the war with coronavirus

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has tested negative for the coronavirus after more than 11 days of treatment.

In his statement on Sunday June 18, 2023, he celebrated his new status, saying he was now a “veteran graduate of the war with this enemy”.

He went on to journal about his health journey with the coronavirus, reflecting on how he initially felt like he was coming down with a mild flu, but ignored it.

He was then tested three times and found to have coronavirus.

He was then forced into isolation after his initial faux pas of attending an event in Kololo where he delivered his State of the Nation address.

“I had to isolate myself to defeat the enemy and also not to spread the enemy. Today, the samples showed that I was negative vis-à-vis Corona. Even last Wednesday’s samples had shown a reduced presence of the virus particles. The glory goes to God. Let us follow His teachings with sincerity. I would like to thank all those who have wished me a speedy recovery and all those who have prayed for me. May the Lord God bless you,” President Museveni said in part.

While in isolation at Kyankwanzi, he revealed that he had stopped wearing his mask because it irritated his throat and eyes, had been vaccinated and was working on his diet and therapy where necessary.

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He also warned all Ugandans to avoid all health risk factors such as alcohol, promiscuity, careless driving, avoid malaria and smoking, exercise for fitness, eat healthy African food, take all vitamins and make sure they are vaccinated against all preventable diseases.

“Check regularly. There seems to be a problem with our medical orientation. Many of our doctors are not health officers but disease officers, spending more time treating the diseases that are completely preventable. Could my health awareness have helped me in this battle with Corona? Perhaps,” President Museveni added.

His statement included rants against the health department, the removal of health sciences from the O-level syllabus and how Africans are stronger than Caucasians in fighting off viruses due to high exposure to the sun.

In previous Nairobi News reports, Museveni has kept a diary of his days battling the coronavirus, updating Ugandans daily on his health and treatment. It was also through these journals that he announced the appointment of a temporary successor while he was in isolation, and how he would virtually address parliament after initially planning to address them from 300 metres away.

He also dismissed rumours that he had been admitted to intensive care and accused Kenyans of spreading lies about him.

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