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Musician Kidum asks for prayers after being ‘poisoned”

Award winning singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, popularly referred to as Kidum, is asking for your prayers after he was allegedly poisoned while visiting his home country.

The Nairobi-based musician was in Burundi where he says he was poisoned.

He claims he was denied permission to fly back to Kenya because he “was too weak”.

“I was about to be discharged but the hospital has just changed that decision because they have just discovered that the poison has spoilt my kidneys,” Kidum shared on his Facebook.

He blamed his predicaments to his enemies and said that prayers will defeat them.

“My enemies have to be defeated by your prayers.”

The Haturudi Nyuma singer added that he was discharged on Monday, but airline officials decided not to let me travel because of his condition.

“So I was brought back to hospital and now I am not allowed to go. I am in this hospital to stay the way I see it”