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5 Musicians who have fallen down while performing on stage

By Freya Wanjiku December 16th, 2023 3 min read

Imagine a dazzling spotlight, a crowd buzzing with excitement, and a performer full of energy, ready for a night of unforgettable music. The stage is all set.

But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Sometimes, even the best artists have a moment they didn’t expect, transforming their show into a memorable event for a completely different reason.

Welcome to the world of stage bloopers! Here, it’s not just about the high-flying jumps or dramatic entrances; it’s about those unexpected slips and falls that show us a different side of our favorite musicians.

These moments remind us that everyone, even our music heroes, has their less-than-perfect times. So here is a lighter, more human side of music performances!


Last month, at the Sol Fest’s final concert at Uhuru Gardens, renowned rapper and singer Nyashinski tripped and fell on stage.

Nyashinski was making a surprise appearance to perform his part in the collaborative hit ‘Short and Sweet’ with Sauti Sol when he stumbled and rolled on stage.

Members of Sauti Sol quickly came to his aid, helping him to his feet. Undeterred, Nyashinski born Nyamari Ongegu regained his composure and continued his performance, as the boyband helped him rap.

Unfazed by the incident, Nyashinski embraced the moment and shared a brief video on social media capturing the events leading up to and following his fall. He seemed to roll with the punches, humorously laughing it off.


In 2018, during a performance in Sumbawanga, a town in western Tanzania, famous singer Diamond Platnumz and his fellow artist Rayvanny had a mishap on stage.

The dais they were on collapsed, causing them to fall and hit parts of their bodies on the stage’s metal structure. Diamond Platnumz, born Naseeb Abdul Juma, and Rayvanny performed together when the incident happened.

However, despite the accident, the two continued their show and went backstage to take care of their injuries after their performance. The Chitaki hitmaker got a small cut on his hand, and Rayvanny, also known as Chui, hurt his leg and tore his trousers.


In 2021, the award-winning singer fell on stage during the Tumewasha Concert in Dar es Salaam. Born Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, Rayvanny slid before falling on his back, an incident that forced him to cut short his performance.

In a statement, the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) record label’s President Diamond Platnumz asked fans to pray for the Mapopo hitmaker, following the unfortunate incident which resulted in the cancelation of another event the next day.

“CANCELLED!❌ My beautiful People!!! I would like to inform you that there will not be an after-party at Beach Kidimbwi… Let us spend the day praying to God for granting us a successful event yesterday and also pray that @rayvanny recovers quickly.”

Burna Boy

Last year, during a concert in London, Nigerian Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy had a mishap on stage. While performing energetically for a crowd of excited fans, he began jumping close to the edge of the stage and accidentally stumbled, resulting in a fall.

However, Burna Boy’s first onstage fall happened back in 2012 during the Headies Awards. Chosen as one of the two new artists to perform, he had just expressed his excitement to the audience and was about to give them a taste of a new song.

In the heat of the moment, not noticing the gap at the edge of the stage, he accidentally fell off. But, showing resilience, he quickly got up as if nothing had happened and continued with his performance.

Ayra Starr

Late last year, at the Afrochella music festival in Ghana, Ayra, a singer of Beninese-Nigerian descent, had an unexpected fall on stage.

In a widely circulated video, Ayra was seen engaging with the audience. However, as she moved back towards the main stage, she slipped and ended up falling on her back.

Reacting to the incident, the Rush hitmaker called out the organizers saying, “Afrochella next time y’all should clean your stage after every artiste performance, that fall was very unnecessary and painful. I just hope my crush never sees that video of me falling.”