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I won lucrative NYS contract without knowing it, Mutahi Ngunyi

By BRIAN MUREITHI September 20th, 2016 1 min read

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has told a House team that he does not know how his firm, The Consulting House, was picked by the National Youth Service for consultancy services.

Mr Ngunyi told the National Assembly’s Public Assembly Committee (PAC) on Tuesday that he does not know how the National Youth Service (NYS) picked his firm to undertake its restructuring and whether it was also single-sourced.

He told the PAC that he learnt from the Auditor-General’s report that his firm had been overpaid by Sh11.87 million in April 2015.

He said he assumed it was from another client because the NYS had already paid his firm its dues in March 2015.


He argued he had billed another client who had been charged the same amount.

He said it is still a mystery why his firm was overpaid, saying it could be an elaborate plan by some Devolution ministry officials to tarnish the firm’s NYS restructuring efforts since the payments passed through 25 IFMIS stages undetected.

He said he wrote to the Youth Affairs principal secretary on three different dates in July this year inquiring how and why the payments were made without invoices but there was no response.

He added he is suing to compel the ministry to disclose how the payment was made.

Mr Ngunyi said the money was wired back to the ministry’s account at the Central Bank on Monday.