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Mutura, the ever popular “African sausage”

By Derrick Bacha February 27th, 2021 1 min read

You may have heard of, seen, or even tased Mutura, a popular delicacy in Kenya otherwise referred to as the ‘African sausage’.

Or have you?

Mutura is a delicacy of an intestine-encased mixture of minced pieces of cow or goat meat which is flavored with onions, salt, and pepper.

Its popularity dates decades back. Tales have been told of how mutura was served alongside other meals on important ceremonies or occasions such as dowry negotiations or circumcisions.

After the men had slaughtered a goat or a cow, they would wash the intestines and then fill them with boiled minced meat that had been dipped in blood. Then it would be placed on a grill to slowly dehydrate. This tradition has been maintained to date, with the meal now a common fixture by the roadside within the middle or lower class residential areas in Nairobi.

Those fond of it insist the delicacy has a saliva dripping taste.

“It is affordable and can be consumed with or without accompaniments,” explains Jackson Kiruti, a college student.

What’s more, selling the delicacy is almost certain to bring handsome returns, as Mark Kimani, a butcher in Githurai, says he pockets at least ksh.4000 daily from the business.

“I start setting up the grill around 6pm and customers flock whenever they see the smoke,” he says.

The love for this African snack is unmatched to an extent a goat-eating event is deemed incomplete without it on the menu.

Besides, the meal contains proteins and calcium that aids in building body tissues andease digestion.