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Will Smith endorses Kenyan animator Fat Boy’s viral character

The power of the internet to amplify creativity and provide a platform for diverse voices has once again been demonstrated as Kenyan animator Michael Muthiga, founder of Fat Boy Animations, gains international attention for his character Kapinto.

Kapinto, a 20-year-old outspoken character with distinctive flaming red hair in cornrows and a thigh-length ponytail, has captured the hearts of viewers with his humorous and relatable short clips.

Voiced by popular TikToker Kapinto himself, the character is brought to life through the animation expertise of Fat Boy Animations.

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Kapinto’s latest accolade comes from none other than Hollywood icon Will Smith, who recently shared one of Fat Boy’s viral clips on his social media with the caption “I love this character”.

In the shared video, Kapinto delivers a comedic take on the concept of praying for one’s enemies, demonstrating both wit and charm.

Kapinto says, “”God when you bless me don’t forget to bless others especially my enemies, bless them 100 fold.”

Smith’s endorsement propelled Kapinto further into the global spotlight, with fans sharing the clip widely across various platforms.

In another clip highlighted by Smith, Kapinto confidently asserts his superiority over his detractors, delivering a message of confidence and empowerment. Smith encouraged his followers to share the clip saying, “Send to that one friend who needs a reminder.”

In the clip, Kapinto says with a lot of flare, “My level is here, yours is down in the dust, that is the difference.”

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Behind the success of Fat Boy Animations and the creation of Kapinto is the journey of Muthiga, a visionary animator whose passion for the craft led him to forge his own path.

Reflecting on his journey, Muthiga shared insights into his childhood nickname, Fat Boy, which eventually became the inspiration for his animation venture.

“My parents were initially wary of my artistic pursuits, fearing it would distract me from my studies,” Muthiga said in a past interview. “However, the urge to create was too strong to ignore.”

He added, “After high school, the pressure to cast my net wide got to me and just to be safe, I joined Nottingham University in Malaysia and studied Civil Engineering. I also learnt animation to keep my artistic side engaged. I graduated as an engineer, and came back home but I never set out to work as one.”

Despite studying civil engineering, Muthiga remained committed to his passion for animation, honing his skills through free online tutorials and eventually securing a position as a trainee animator on the acclaimed children’s series Tinga Tinga Tales.

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Driven by determination and a desire to excel, Muthiga saved diligently to set up Fat Boy Animations from humble beginnings in his bedroom. His dedication paid off when a YouTube upload of his work caught the attention of Jamii Telecom Limited, leading to significant opportunities in the industry.

Reflecting on his journey, Muthiga noted the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving success. “Luck may play a role, but true success is the result of preparedness and relentless effort,” he remarked.