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Nairobi blogger accused of extortion

A blogger who claims to work with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has been charged with extorting money from a Nairobi businessman.

It is alleged that Abdullahi Musa, who also says he’s previously worked for Mombasa County government, between 20th April 2021 and 25th April 2021 at Nairobi county, having knowledge and with intent to extort money from Abass Ibrahim Khalif caused the said Abass to receive written content containing accusations which he’d posted on his Facebook page namely Abdullahi Musa.

According to the police report, the complainant reported a case of extortion against the accused who is well known to him, explaining he was distributing messages and videos on his Facebook account with false claims against the businessman

The businessman tried reaching out to the accused to plead with him to pull down the posts and the videos because he could not believe that someone he knew very well and worked with could do such an act.

But the suspect refused to pull down the messages and started demanding money while threatening to post more stories and videos, a threat he actually fulfilled.

The accused claims to have previously worked for both NMS, Mombasa County, and his accusor in this case.

He adds that in the course of his assignment with NMS, he posted on content that touches on the people he’s previously worked for.

He pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Martha Nazushi and pleaded for leniency, but the prosecution objected to his release on bail.

The magistrate ordered the probation officer to file a pre-bail report in 7 days.