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Nairobi Pentecostal Church and hotel in parking row

An hotel has complained that worshippers at Nairobi Pentecostal Church on Valley Road are making it impossible for customers to get in.

The Oasis Restaurant and Apartments management said they were parking in front of their entrance.

On Sunday, there was standoff between them and the hotel over the use of a road leading to the business as alternative parking area.

The worshippers insisted that the road was public and should be free for use by all.

Open its doors

“We agree it is a public utility, but is it also proper for them to block our gate and destroy our flower pots?” asked Ali Bassam, the manager.

The hotel is newly built and plans to open its doors to the public in a month’s time.

“We are simply concerned about the security of our clients and their ease at accessing the hotel without unnecessary hiccups,” he said.

Half of the approximately 200-metre road is made of concrete paving blocks while the rest is bare and dusty or muddy, depending on the weather.

According to Mr Bassam, the hotel decided to build the road and had asked the church to chip in to complete the remaining stretch.

“I have sent several proposals and emails to the church management asking for a meeting to discuss the road without success,” he said stressing that he had no problem with the church goers parking on the road as long as they did not block potential clients.

NPC Senior Pastor Reverend Odede Kalisto, however said he had not received any email or proposals from the hotel.

“We are also not aware that our members clashed with our neighbours over parking space,” he said.

The parking space in the church compound is small forcing motorists to park on the roads outside.