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Nairobi School rocked by bullying claims, victim in ‘need of surgery’

Ministry of Education officials have opened investigations into horrifying claims of bullying at Nairobi School that has left a Form Two student badly injured.

The student was allegedly assaulted by school prefects.

The school has so far denied reports of the assault and said they only learnt about it on social media.

However, relatives who spoke to Nairobi News confirmed that the boy is waiting to undergo a surgery.

The boy’s parents said they received a call from the school last week that their son was unwell and they should pick him up.

The boy’s mother shared her frustration in WhatsApp group composed of parents with students at the school.

“…..Am looking at our son now and I can’t believe Nairobi school has wasted him so much. We have to supervise him even as he eats and brushes his teeth.

Went to pick him and found he had lost most of his uniform looking dirty and unkempt. He is even back to peeing in bed something he had never done. He has gone mute and can’t even near the prefects who beat him.

I feel so tired and I don’t have energy to fight right now. Let us first address the health issues. Please pray for him”

The boy is said to have spent a few days in a sanatorium after the incident.

“He told his friend that he was been beaten a lot by some perfects all over his body but mostly his head. He pleaded with the friend not to let us know what he was going through because he was afraid we would go to the school and ask, then when his back the prefects would continue beating him up, “ added the parent.