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Nairobi sixth in Africa’s top tweeting cities

Nairobi has been ranked sixth in a new survey of Africa’s top tweeting cities.

South African cities dominated  twitter activity in continent, with Johannesburg,  Ekurhuleni,  Cairo,  Durban,  and Alexandria occupying the top five spots.

The ‘How Africa Tweets’ study was conducted during the last quarter of 2013.

Nairobi is the most active city on Twitter in East Africa. Accra is the most active city in West Africa.

Kenya@50 hashtag was the most active political topic trending along with its competing hashtag sick@50. The two topics however contributed a small percentage of political related discussion on twitter when compared with other issues discussed.

According to the study, English, French and Arabic are the most common languages on Twitter, accounting for 75.5% of the total tweets analysed.

Zulu, Swahili, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Portuguese are the next most commonly tweeted languages.

Tuesdays and Fridays are the most active tweeting days.

Football is the most-discussed topic on Twitter in Africa.

Football was discussed more than any other topic, including the death of Nelson Mandela, the study found.

The study was commissioned by Strategic Communications Agency Portland.

The day Nelson Mandela died, December 5th was ranked as the day when Africa had the highest number of tweets.