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Nairobi traders call for protection of businesses during three-day protests

A group of small traders in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) have called on President William Ruto’s government to protect their businesses ahead of the planned three-day protests by the opposition.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the traders said the planned protests by Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition will disrupt their daily businesses.

Ms Julia Gakuri, who sells tomatoes at Wakulima Market, said she suffered huge losses during the previous protests.

She also expressed fears that the demonstrations will affect her loan repayments, which are due at the end of the month.

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“If there are demonstrations for three days, what will I do with my tomatoes? The money I invested in this job came from a loan that I have to pay by the end of the month. I’m so sad,” said Ms Gakuri.

Wakulima Market is one of the busiest in the county, feeding residents by bringing in fresh food from other parts of the country.

Sarah Wanjiru, who is from Starehe Constituency wants the government to assure them that their businesses and working environment will be safe during the demonstrations.

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“President (Ruto), don’t abandon us, give us security. Kithure Kindiki we are asking for security in Nairobi, and we want to do our job. We will pay our taxes but ensure that you protect us,” Ms Wanjiru said.

The traders also said the protests will put the lives of their children in danger and their studies will be affected.

“When we see our children being killed on the roads, we don’t want to know which tribes they are from, as long as they are our children. These demonstrations are not benefiting us,” Ms Wanjiru said.

The previous protests have seen many businesses in Nairobi’s CBD remaining closed for fear of destruction and loss of property.

Last week, Azimio la Umoja announced plans for three-day protests between Wednesday and Friday to pile pressure on President Ruto’s administration to yield to their demands.

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